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This is where Dale builds his beautiful Antique Ice Box - the modern refrigerator with an antique ice box look. Dale uses a modern refrigerator and then covers it with hand crafted oak panels for an authentic look.

This unusual Vintage Refrigerator was designed to be free standing. You can set the fridge anywhere because it is completely wrapped in wood. This makes the antique ice box perfect for a log cabin or for that old farm house restoration you've always wanted to do. No matter where your counters and cabinetry may come to your refrigerator doesn't have a bad side! It's perfect for your Country Kitchen Design.

Dale uses a classic oak for his standard fridge, but you can special order other woods like cherry, maple, or even hickory. You also have the choice of either brass or nickel hardware to match your decor.

For years in Dale and Yvonne's kitchen sat an old oak icebox that belonged to his Mom and Dad, Dale grew up with it.So when the folks finally got electrified Dale put it in his kitchen for decoration. The first time I walked into Yvonne's new kitchen I walked right past the new Antique Ice Box. I didn't even notice it, I assumed it was the old one. And I'm not the only one , other friends and family did the same thing. Dale didn't want to give up the old icebox. Yvonne wanted something that worked. Dale figured out how to do both, what a marriage! Give Dale a call and talk to him about ordering one of these

Vintage Refrigerators today.

Check out Yvonne's Kitchen for some great ideas.

Base Price is $3,595.00

You can watch Dale build his Antique Ice Boxes.

Call Dale to get a quote. He can answer any questions you might have.

(937) 459-2635

And Yes, Dale will answer your call on this very phone.

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