In 2003 Dale & Yvonne purchased their home as a real fixer-upper. But the two of them had a beautiful vision of what it could become! They had a dream of a beautiful Victorian home, with all of the style of the Victorian time period but with the modern conveniences of today!

When they bought and rehabbed their home they worked to restore its former glory as much as possible. But they ran into some problems with their Country kitchen design.

Together they were committed to bringing that old Victorian feel to their kitchen. Dale was able to design and custom build the kitchen cabinets with the look of a Hoosier Kitchen Pantry. Yvonne was able to find a modern gas range with the look of the old wood cook stove. They both knew they wanted the look of the old Antique Ice Box for their refrigerator but after an extensive search were unable to find it. The only modern refrigerator designed with the look that they wanted was way out of their price range, and it didn't really look like Dale's Mom's Old Ice Box.

Dale decided to put his 30 years of woodcraft experience to work. The result is an affordable, stand alone, antique style ice box that’s a modern refrigerator.

Come on in and take a look around Yvonne's Kitchen, have a cup of coffee and get some great country kitchen design ideas.

Step out to Dale's Shop and see how he builds these classic looking Antique style Refrigerators.

You can talk to Dale about customizing one of his a Vintage Appliances to fit your needs.

Our standard Ice Box style is made of traditional oak but we also have available maple, cherry, or hickory to suit your  Kitchen Design. These custom Antique Refrigerators are available with either brass or nickel hardware.

Welcome, Come on in.

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