Vintage Spice Rack

Antique Ice Box is now offering a New Line of Vintage Spice Racks.

These new Antique Style Wall Cupboards are crafted in the

Antique Ice Box design.

We wanted to offer a small affordable example of our larger products.

The Vintage Spice Rack is a fun design option for the smaller home, 

apartment, or tiny house.

The Vintage Cupboard is built with the same wood and hardware

as the full size Antique Ice Box. 

This Vintage Cabinet will be an exciting accent to your 

Country Kitchen Design.

Vintage Spice Rack is also available in a Pie Safe Style.

Our Pie Safe Spice Rack is finished in a Shabby Chic Paint. 

Colors can be custom ordered, or a custom wood finish.

We will also be offering a Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet Design.

Our Hand Crafted Solid Oak Vintage Wall Cupboard will be a great addition to your Family Heirloom collections.

Price for the Antique Ice Box Spice Rack is ,

$220.00  + Shipping

Our vintage Cabinet has an Oak Bar at its base.

You can use it as  a towel bar ,or place display your

collection of vintage kitchen utensils.

The Ice Box Style costs a little more than the Pie safe Style because

we use the hardware from the full sized Ice Box and that costs a little more.

As you can see our Vintage Wall Cupboard is large 

enough to hold most of your spices, but not to large 

that it would overwhelm an area. Just the right size for a

small wall area or an apartment.

If you would like to order a specific size just let us know,

we build to order.

The Antique Spice Rack comes with a nice vintage Watkins Door Card,

You can remove the door card and place your own or nothing at all.

Pie Safe Vintage Spice Rack done in a Royal Blue Shabby Chic.

We can finish in any color or a wood finish.

We build to order so if you have a specific size or finish ,  

no Problem, we can do it.

$ 198.00 Plus Shipping

Thanks For Looking!

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