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Whether you are starting out with a new space or retro fitting an old space there are many decisions to be made in your new design. You can start thinking about your basic concept. Do you want a country flavored modern kitchen? A French Country kitchen? Or a certain period ,1950 , 1890, ect. Once you have your basic concept you can start to piece the different aspects of your kitchen together. You can start with your floor plan, cabinet design, counter and sink. Appliances, light fixtures. All the aspects will come together and give your kitchen its flavor, personality, its ambiance.

Of course Yvonne had to deal with the basic square footage that was there. When dealing with an older remodeled home you have major limitation. You can strip everything out, close some door openings, open more efficient ones, ect. (all of which Dale did). But when all is said and done you are still left with a space that will define your kitchen. It’s a bit more challenging than if you are able to design your kitchen and then create the square footage.

When Yvonne began her country kitchen design , one of her first goals was to make it as period (circa. 1890- 1900) as she could, and still have a functional and modern kitchen. Let’s just say it. There were no cabinets and counter tops in 1890. At that time you would have a hutch and a cabinet with a dry sink in it. So Dale built his own cabinetry, he was looking for a simple primitive look. The idea being if you can’t have a hutch and a dry sink, design your cabinets and counters to lean towards that primitive simplicity. The counter top is a basic black squared design with a single sink. The light fixtures are a wrought iron look. For the kitchen stove they chose an Elmira Stove. The Elmira Stove Works makes a modern stove that looks like a wood burning kitchen stove. The new stove really added an air of authenticity. But when it came to the antique refrigerator there really wasnt many choices. They could buy a high end Fridge with replacement wood doors, or buy a replica that works for $13.000. Then Dale got the idea to build his own antique refrigerator. Take a walk out back to Dale’s Shop and take a look at his Antique Ice Box.

Give Dale a call, and talk to him about it.

He can build you a new antique ice box for your Country Kitchen  for as little as $ 3,295.00

Call Dale @  (937) 547-6182

Antique Refrigerator Specs.

Here are some specs on it.  (Please remember if any repairs are ever needed to your fridge any refrigerator repairman should be able to handle  Specifics) <p>

Antique Refrigerator styles that remind us of yester-year are a favorite design option TODAY!

Before you purchase any appliance you will want to know

 some specifics on it.

 Brand new Retro Appliances are always used to create this custom Old icebox style fridge.   The Fridge that we typically use for the project is a

 Whirlpool model # - WRTILTZY that we customize to look like

a replica of an antique oak ice box from the period around the 1900's. <p>  (No modifications have been made to any of the functions of the appliance itself.)<p>

 Whirlpool 20.6 cu. ft. Top Mount 

Up-Front Temperature Control Knobs

Accu-Chill Temperature Management System

Adjustable SpillMizer Glass Shelves

Clear Humidity-Controlled Crispers

Clear Meat Pan

Adjustable Opaque Gallon Door Bins

Flip-Up Refrigerator Door Shelf

Factory Installed Automatic Ice Maker

Capacity (cu. ft.): 20.9

Defrost Type: Frost Free

Fresh Food Shelves: 3

Freezer Shelves: 1

Freezer Baskets/Bins: 0

 This antique refrigerator look wonderful displayed in a primitive, Americana or any Country Kitchen . There are so many possibilities.  It would even be ideal for a rec room or bar area to keep drinks close by.

 Perfect for anyone who loves the antique Ice Box look. You get the look and feel of an old antique ice box with the modern conveniences of a new fridge!

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